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Welcome to Abinsk district

Dear friends!

The Abinsk District is a territory with huge potential. There are mineral resources, fertile lands and rice check plots, picturesque mountains and valleys full of historical, cultural and natural sightseeing attractions here.

One glance at the map of the Krasnodar region speaks straight out that the Abinsk district is located in a strategic center of the region between the regional capital, ports of the Black and Azov Seas, and resorts cities of the Krasnodar region; it can efficiently implement its potential.

Here is a bright illustration. A short time ago, many people doubted that metallurgical production could be established in the Krasnodar Region. Investors chose a convenient platform, which we still have a lot, and against skepticsТ opinion, a modern ElectroMetallurgical Plant has been started in the Abinsk District. Currently, it successfully operates and constantly ramps up its production volumes. 

The same success can wait for everyone! Please, consider our investment proposals, and we are ready supporting your ideas and ensuring a comfortable investment climate.

Head of the Municipal Formation Abinsk District
Viacheslav Alexanderovich Ivanov